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  • Kundan Sets

    925 22 carat Gold plater Silver based kundan sets pearls, precious and semi precious stones.

  • Necklaces

    925 Silver based kundan pendant strung in real Keshi pearls.

  • Earrings and Accessories

    Pair with beautiful necklaces or earrings.

The Story Behind Our Brand

Tanmohi collections was created in 2021 to fulfill and give life to my dream of creating exclusive and spectacular jewelry that makes you feel elegant and beautiful and to bring these exceptional pieces to your doorstep!

I have always appreciated traditional jewelry and have been designing my own pieces for a long time; I’m excited to finally be designing for you all. All our pieces are designed keeping in mind various colors and styles to maintian individuality!

Our designs are inspired from traditional and tribal designs as well as elements of nature. We make our jewelry with love and care which shows in the quality of our products.

Each of our pieces are created by some amzing craftsmen in India and we support them to keep the art alive.

We like to maintain exclusivity and so most of our silver based pieces are unique and once sold may not be available. Custom orders for those pieces will only be possible to remake if the stones and other materials used in them are available. There may still be some difference as each natural stone is unique in color, lustre, and clarity. So, if you like something, don't wait for long!

Thank you,

Mruduta Mervana


Adorning you...

Our beautiful pieces are custom designed and hand crafted with intricate details, fine workmanship, and great quality.

Mruduta mervana

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New arrivals in both silver and metal pieces.

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